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Eye Care Tips for Gamers

Eye Care Tips for Gamers: Protecting Your Vision

April 9, 2024

In an era where digital screens dominate both work and play, it's more important than ever to talk about digital gaming and eye health. As a gamer, you're exposed to digital screens for prolonged periods, and that can take a toll on your eyes. However, there are steps you can take to protect your vision and keep your eyes healthy.

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Eye Health

Screen Time Guidelines for Children: Eye Health & Blue Light

April 8, 2024

In the digital era, screens are an inescapable part of daily life, especially for the youth. From educational tools to entertainment platforms, the presence of digital devices has grown exponentially, directly influencing the amount of time children spend in front of screens. As a parent or caregiver, understanding the implications of this modern reality is important. 

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Say No to Phones in the Bedroom!

March 20, 2024

In today’s world, devices have become omnipresent, and this results in parents becoming more concerned about the effects of screen time on their children. While having access to screens can be educational and resourceful, it can cause problems in development, behavior, and academic performance if used in excess.

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Glaucoma Is Not A Singular Disease

March 19, 2024

Glaucoma is not a singular disease, but a group of diseases that all cause vision loss due to damage to the optic nerve which connects the eyes to the brain. The optic nerve is damaged due to lack of blood flow and mechanical stress, often due to increased pressure in the eye. This damage leads to progressive vision loss that will continue to get worse until treatment to lower the pressure in the eye is instituted.  Vision that is lost due to glaucoma is permanent and cannot be reversed. 

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Myopia in Children

Myopia in Children: Understanding Nearsightedness and Treatment Options

March 11, 2024

Myopia is an eye condition characterized by difficulty seeing objects at a distance. It happens when the eyeball grows too long, or the cornea, the clear front cover of the eye, is overly curved. This results in light focusing in front of the retina, rather than directly on it, causing distant objects to appear blurry.

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Eyesight and Learning

School Performance and Vision: How Poor Eyesight Can Impact Learning

March 7, 2024

The role of vision in the learning journey of children cannot be underestimated. Learning is primarily a visual process. 80% of what children learn in school is presented visually. Vision problems can also affect a child's motor skills, leading to difficulties with hand-eye coordination, balance, and physical activities. This could potentially impact their participation in sports and other physical activities, which are crucial for their overall development and well-being.

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Prism Glasses

The Role of Prism Glasses in Treating Binocular Vision Disorders

February 29, 2024

Binocular vision refers to our ability to maintain visual focus on an object with both eyes, creating a single, three-dimensional image. However, certain disruptions during the development or functioning of our eyes can lead to what's known as Binocular Vision Disorder (BVD). BVD is a condition where the eyes fail to work together correctly, causing various visual and physical discomforts.

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Dry Eyes

What is the Impact of Hormones on Dry Eyes?

February 28, 2024

Dry eye can be caused by a variety of factors, including age, certain medications, and environmental conditions. But what many people don't realize is that our body's hormones can also play a significant role in the development and severity of dry eye. This is particularly true for women, who are more susceptible to dry eye due to hormonal changes that occur throughout their lives.

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Managing Dry Eye

Understanding the Tear Film: Keys to Managing Dry Eye

January 31, 2024

The tear film is an essential component of our eyes. This complex structure plays a crucial role in maintaining eye health and visual clarity, and when disrupted, can cause significant discomfort. Understanding the intricacies of this delicate system is the first step in managing conditions such as dry eye.

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Dry Eye

What is the Link Between Digital Devices and Dry Eye?

December 15, 2023

In the 21st century, digital devices have become an integral part of our lives. Whether for work or leisure, these devices are practically unavoidable. From smartphones to laptops, tablets to smart TVs, we are constantly engaging with screens. However, this digital lifestyle comes with a cost, and one of the major areas facing the brunt is our eyes. It's important to understand this link as it can help us take proactive steps to protect our eyes in an increasingly digital world.

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