Do you suffer from

Neck Pain?
Eye Strain?

65% of Americans experience these symptoms daily

Your Visual System

When the eyes are out of sync it puts higher demand on the visual system. This additional demand can put stress on the trigeminal nerve - the one responsible for head and neck sensations.

The digital world has dramatically shifted how we use our vision, requiring us to use our eyes for much more near focusing. This increased demand on our visual system can lead to increased dry eye, headaches, neck pain, and digital eyestrain.

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What is neurolens®?

The Neurolens® measurement device identifies how much your eyes are over-compensating when working at distance, intermediate, and especially near.

If the Neurolens® measurement device detects an imbalance in your vision, Dr. Day is one of the select few equipped to prescribe a therapeutic lens to treat your misalignment.

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