“The saying “20/20 vision does not mean healthy eyes”, is something that I feel very passionate about. During my routine eye exam 9 years ago, using the latest technology in digital eye imaging, Dr. Day found a growth on my left retina.

Dr. Day referred me to a specialist in a small group of select doctors he works with on a daily basis. I was examined and went through a series of testing to determine what type of growth it was. At that time is was a benign “freckle type” mole that was not growing or damaging my eye. Over the next several years, Dr. Day continued my yearly eye exams and found the health of my eye was stable and I was continuing to see at 20/20. During my eye exam in January of 2010, Dr. Day found that the growth in my eye had changed in size! He again referred me to see a trusted specialist. I was examined and referred on to see a cancer specialist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, I was diagnosed with melanoma of the retina. This is a very rare disease, especially for someone my age (29)! They were able to treat the cancer and I continue to follow up with a specialist to ensure that the tumor continues to shrink and to save my 20/20 vision. Although melanoma of the retina is rare, there are several diseases that can affect the eye and should be tested for and/or monitored on a regular basis.

Prevention is the best key to preserve your vision!

I wanted to share my story with everyone who visits Dr. Day’s website, to express to everyone how truly important yearly eye exams are!”


"Like many people as we age, the vision or eyesight goes through a number of changes. Over the years I constantly found fault with my prescription and any new pair of glasses I wore. I wasn't able to see as clearly. Nor had I, that comfortable feeling like when I was younger and had perfect vision. It was frustrating and I felt there had to be an answer and a solution.

My answer and solution came after meeting Dr. Day and his marvelous staff. Through certain examinations, it was determined the problem was cataracts. I had reached the point where it was time to have them removed. Needless to say I was rather apprehensive and not so sure I wanted eye surgery. But, Dr. Day and his staff assured me that everything would be fine. His office coordinated the procedure with Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute. The entire experience was painless and gave me, at last, the thrill of seeing light and beautiful colors that I hadn't seen in years.

The professionalism of both Dr. Day's office and that of Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute made for a most rewarding experience. Seeing and enjoying such improved vision has given me a more satisfying quality of life."

“I had been wanting to try contacts for a long time when my wife recommended I see Dr. Day. And I have to say, Dr. Day is much more thorough than the ophthalmologist at the Mayo Clinic that I had been seeing every year. At my exam, I just got the feeling that he was really taking the necessary time to make sure that I was confident with my eye sight, and with wearing contact lenses for the first time.
I was absolutely terrified to touch my eyes. I mean terrified. Corina took me through the process of wearing the lenses and now I can get them in and out first try!
I’ll tell you, I’m not complimentary by nature. I had really high expectations coming to see Dr. Day and he really exceeded my expectations in multiple positive ways. In fact, his entire staff made this the best experience I’ve had at an eye clinic. Every single staff member has left me with a feeling of competence and confidence.”

Dry Eye

"My eyesight is without doubt the most important of my senses. I have been a professional photographer for many years, using my eyes for the photography and for many years, the editing process, over a light box. When digital photography came along, I transitioned to the computer editing photos and sending files to clients. I probably average 20 hours a week in front of my Apple computers. My eyes had been getting sorer each year and Dr. Day had suggested eye drops to help with the redness, itching and tired feeling. Drops alone were not working and nothing seemed to solve the problem until he recommended a product called Ultra Dry Eye. It is a natural Omega-3 supplement, in the form of small capsules. I started using them a little over a year ago and within a few weeks I could see and feel the difference in my eye appearance and the way they felt. I have entrusted Dr. Day and his staff for my vision care for almost 10 years now. Aside from being one of the most down-to-earth and genuinely nice professionals I have come across in my career, his understanding of my optometric needs have been worth more than I can put into words. And his staff is also off the chart, wonderful to work with."

Ortho K

"Two of my children (ages 15 and 8) were fitted with Ortho K lenses by Dr. Day. Their experience has been amazing! We knew nothing about these lenses that correct your vision while you sleep, but are so glad that Dr. Day and his staff took the time to teach us about them. For my very active children, they have been a perfect solution. My 8 year old was very nervous as he has never worn contacts, but with his sports, wearing glasses or contacts during the day was not a practical option. The staff was extremely patient with teaching him how to put on and take off the lenses. It has been a year now and everything has been `{`great`}`. Lenses go in at bedtime, come out in the morning, and kids are able to see all day. No glasses or contacts to fuss with. Thank you Dr. Day and staff for the wonderful care you give my children!"


"I first met Dr Day while he was my disabled brothers eye Dr. He was so patient with him I knew he was the Dr for me and my kiddos. I am a foster parent to special needs kids. I take all of my kids to see him where they are treated with such great respect and care. I totally trust Dr Day with their and my eye health."

"They were so patient with a five year old, he was never scared or worried. Very thorough and ruled out any problems. Highly recommend going here!"

"We LOVE this office! It started with one person coming here.. then two, to three... on to six. All but one of us (my 4 year old) gets glasses from here. All my kids adore Dr. Day and tell me they can tell the difference from a clinic that does not involve God in their daily operations. I would drive an hour if I had to, to continue to come here. Not to mention the staff is wonderful too. They all will make you feel important and they will educate you on anything you have questions about. My daughter broke her brand new Juicy frames and they were broke to the point of "un-fixable" but the tech said "don't give up hope yet" because she was good with the Gorilla Glue. Within minutes, my daughter had her glasses back ready to go. I (we) just love East Main Vision!!...even on a Saturday morning!.. LOL! Thanks!"

Glaucoma Care

"I've been a patient for 25 years. The care provided to me by Dr. Day and his staff has consistently been outstanding. He cares for his patients and so does his outstanding staff of ladies. Dr. Day diagnosed my glaucoma years ago and has successfully treated me for many years. Recently he referred me to a specialist for laser surgery - another success story! I recently lost a contact lens and his efficient staff not only were "on the spot" to help me get a new one ordered but even went so far as to call me back to let me know when they expected it to arrive in their office. You'll always be in good hands should you choose East Main Vision Clinic for your vision care."

Loyal Patients

"I appreciate that the particular exam staff who worked with me explained everything that would be done throughout the exam, took care to make sure I felt comfortable, and listened and showed empathy when I was experiencing anxiety regarding specific aspects of the exam. Thank you for hearing my concerns and allowing me to make decisions about my care. The professionalism and care this office shows to it's patients is definitely appreciated."

"ALL of the staff I worked with provided excellent service. I was very impressed and will recommend this clinic to others. Everyone I spoke with took care to give me very specific detailed answers to my questions and helped me make the best selections possible. I am very happy with my glasses and the service provided me on my visits."

"Dr. Day has been my optometrist for over 20 years. I have always found him to be extremely knowledgeable and competent. I have complete faith in him and know that he will provide me with excellent care. He and his staff are very professional and friendly. A visit to his office is always a pleasant one."

"After two visits at the VA for my eyes with poor results I asked the VA for approval for me to see an eye doctor outside the VA system. They approved my request to see Dr. Day in Puyallup. I went to my appointment and was extremely happy with my visit and the results. All the staff was very helpful and had excellent customer service. You could tell the staff enjoyed working at the eye clinic with Dr. Day by the way they treated each other and the patients. Dr.Day made you feel comfortable during the exam explaining each test he preformed. He truly cares about you and your eye care. A Very refreshing visit with excellent service and care. Thank you Dr. Day and staff."

"Dr. Day was highly recommended to me by a friend and I have been coming to him for several years now. From my first experience to my present, I continue to find the spirit of excellence in him and his staff. Dr. Day always take the time to answer my questions and explain things thoroughly. He is very much a person of compassion and it shows when he meets with you. His staff are all very friendly and welcoming. They, too, take the time necessary with you to make sure all your questions or concerns are taken care of. I have never had an experience where I haven't felt well cared for and valued as a patient. Its my privilege to write this review and highly recommend him to others."

"The entire team was so awesome. I really enjoyed the whole process and am so happy with my glasses and new vision."

"I was very happy with the service at your office. I felt very welcome and important there. I have already referred other people I know to your office. Thank you all again for you excellent service."

"What can I say about East Main Vision except that they are the best! They are professional while at the same time, being one of the most caring groups of people I have met. They truly take pride in their work at every level. I can't thank them enough for their kindness and care- from the ladies at the front desk, to Dr. Day and to everyone who takes care of you in the most "lovely" way. I could not be more pleased. (AND, THEY ALWAYS GIVE YOU A PRESENT WHEN YOU LEAVE... WHETHER IT'S A GIANT CHOCOLATE BAR OR A FULL SIZED BOTTLE OF LENS CARE SOLUTION.) They are wonderful!"

"Thank you to Dr. Day for fitting me with contacts that definitely improve my vision. Staff is excellent and Dr. Day is extremely thorough and explains problems or concerns perfectly. I am very, very happy with the service and the expertise."

"I've been a patient for many years and have always had the very best experience one could ever expect. Often the service was over and above expectations! Thank you, Dr. Day and staff!"

"I really appreciate the true caring of Dr. Day and his staff. It really feels good and gives me a peace of mind knowing that my eye care needs are being addressed and advice is being given that I can count on. Thank YOU!!"

"Wow, what a wonderful change I made in going to Dr. Day and his great team! The Staff is amazing from the minute you walk in. Dr. Day really took his time with me and answered all my questions. It was so nice not to feel rushed or just like a "number". When ordering glasses, the ladies were so helpful and patient. I would recommend them to EVERYONE!"

"This is the best Doctor's office in Washington state! Dr. Day has put together the ultimate practice! It is well run, the staff is excellent, they are easy to work with and very professional. My eyes are my livelihood. I feel very confident that I am getting the best treatment for my eyes! To sum it up, Dr. Day and staff are Totally Awesome!!! Thanks Dr.Day."

"I love you guys!! Amazing service and people! I now live in Kirkland and gladly make the drive to come see you guys! I would recommend anyone and everyone here! I feel so welcome whenever I have a visit :)"

"To whom ever it concerns- this office, and every person that is employed there and its owner, far exceeds all standards that is expected in a service. I believe it to be impossible to find this service to its patients anywhere else!"

"My husband and I have been fortunate to have Dr. Day as our eye doctor for more than 10 years. Dr. Day and his staff continually impress us with their professionalism and integrity. Due to a family history of glaucoma, I was concerned about my own vision, but now am completely reassured because Dr. Day is so thorough in his examinations. We also are so happy with the selection of eye wear and our only struggle is limiting our eyeglass choice to one or two from the hundreds of fashionable frames. Thank you East Main Vision!"

"{My wife} and I are led to send you a note of thanks for your excellent care and compassion. It is indeed a rare thing in these days, for a doctor to take time to call a patient personally, regarding status and care. What a fresh breeze from yesteryear. You and your excellent staff are truly appreciated. Let your light continue to shine. We feel safe in God’s care, through you."

"I am so pleased that my physician referred me to Dr. Day for same-day emergency eye care. I think it's fantastic that he allows time for emergency patients. Now he's my regular eye care provider. He and his fantastic staff have done my before and after care for cataract surgeries. They have taken the time to thoroughly explain each step of this journey and made the experience as pleasant as possible. You have brought color back to my life! How cool is that!"

"Dr. Day, you have a wonderful staff - I love them all! I especially was pleased with the young lady who assisted me with selecting my glasses! She went above and beyond in choosing different styles for me to try. Thank you to you and to all your staff as well for all they do.!"

"I love EMVC! Great staff, takes insurance and great options."

"Everyone at East main Vision is always very friendly and helpful. Dr. Day is great! I appreciate everyone at East Main Vision."

"The people at East Main Vision Clinic are the best in the world! Everyone is so nice and friendly. And my new glasses are wonderful. Thank you very much."

"I grew up going to Dr. Day's Uncle. Dr. Day has the same mannerism as his uncle did. I'm glad that it runs in the family. Everyone in the office is wonderful. I don't think that I could find a more caring, personable, and professional staff as this one. Thanks for serving all of these years."

"The ladies that are working in the office are wonderful and make sure you are comfortable while you wait for Dr. Day. Dr. Day is helpful and friendly. He makes you feel like he cares about your eye health. Getting the glasses themselves did not take very long and they are fitting wonderfully. I would recommend to anyone if they need a new optometrist."

"I feel it is more than appropriate to recognize and thank Dr. Day for his trial & error and patience in making it possible to again wear contact lenses. My previous eye doctor said it wasn't possible. Dr. Day is the real thing!!!"

"Love the clinic, Dr. Day and the entire staff. All are very receptive and friendly. Even though my insurance is out of network with his office, I still choose to go through them."