Why Is The Skin Around My Eyes So Dry?

Why Is The Skin Around My Eyes So Dry?

Why Is The Skin Around My Eyes So Dry?

Why Is The Skin Around My Eyes So Dry?

Why Is The Skin Around My Eyes So Dry?

May 16, 2023

I get a lot of questions on eyelids and the skin around the eye. Why is it itchy? Why is it so dry and scaly? Why are they so puffy? This tiny little area of the body can be such a troublemaker sometimes!

Our eyelids are very thin and sensitive to internal systemic factors and external environmental factors.


Environmental Factors:


Let’s first talk about environmental factors, most of these are allergens, not food but something in the air. Dry climates, indoor heating and air conditioning units and dust, all play into the daily environment that may be affecting your lids. Also, we touch our faces throughout the day without realizing it and bacteria can easily transfer to the lids causing itching, scaling or puffiness. Many lash extensions require glue and most of those glues contain formaldehyde which can contribute to all sorts of factors including dry lids, swelling, and even allergic reactions.


Systemic Factors:


Frequently there are systemic factors that play a part in our symptoms.  General health problems like arthritis, Sjogren’s disease, Rosacea and eczema can cause outbreaks near the eye, or cause tear film instability. Many of these same systemic conditions require medications including antihistamines, oral contraceptives and antidepressants which can contribute to symptoms. Systemic factors can be any allergy, or auto immune disease can cause eyelid problems as noted above but most commonly we see swollen eyelids and darkening of the lids.


So, what can you do about those itchy, dry lids?


Here are a couple home remedies to try.


  • Elevate your head while sleeping.

It’s common to have some swelling in the morning, as when our head is at the level of the heart, swelling can occur. A simple remedy that can help is to use an extra pillow while sleeping, thereby getting your head higher than your heart.


  • Cold packs.

Cold packs over the eyes generally feel good and decrease swelling. Slowing down blood flow to the area allows fresh blood to rejuvenate the area.


  • Over the counter Allergy Drops.

Over the counter allergy drops in many cases work very well. Always check with your doctor for the advised drop to use, not all are good choices!


In most cases it’s fine to try some of these home remedies, but anytime vision is affected or if symptoms persist, contact your eyecare professional to diagnose and treat.


Overall, there is usually something triggering those pesky symptoms, if you have more questions on why the skin around your eye is dry, contact East Main Vision today by calling (253) 444-2800 and schedule an appointment.

Dr. Day