The Benefits of Treating Dry Eye with LipiFlow

The Benefits of Treating Dry Eye with LipiFlow

The Benefits of Treating Dry Eye with LipiFlow

The Benefits of Treating Dry Eye with LipiFlow

The Benefits of Treating Dry Eye with LipiFlow

February 10, 2020

If you have dry eyes, you spend each day dealing with the symptoms and you want relief. You are tired of red, itchy, uncomfortable eyes, and you’re also frustrated about using eyedrops constantly. LipiFlow is a thermal pulsation treatment for dry eyes, and it has lots of benefits. Let’s go over the benefits, so you can see if this dry eye treatment is right for you. 



Treats the Source of the Problem

While other dry eye treatments mask the symptoms, LipiFlow treats meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), a leading cause of dry eye. MGD occurs when the eyelid’s meibomian glands are unable to secrete the oil used to protect the tear film. Without the oil, tears evaporate quickly, leading to dry eye. MGD eliminates blockages, so the glands can secrete the oil and eliminate dry eyes. 



Quick Relief

LipiFlow treatments normally take 12 minutes, so you will be out of the office in no time at all. The results are also fast. Most people enjoy the full results within two weeks, although it can take up to a month for people who have severe dry eye symptoms. People notice improvements each day until achieving the full results. 




A clinical study showed that over three-fourths of patients experienced a significant reduction in symptoms in just one month. This is much more effective than other single-use treatments for dry eye. It’s also more effective than eye drops and other dry eye treatments. 



It’s Natural

LipiFlow restores your meibomian gland’s ability to produce oil. This treatment allows your meibomian glands to work as they should. It’s a natural treatment, and you don’t have to worry about putting artificial products in your eyes. Instead, LipiFlow will help your body function in a normal and natural way. 




Not only is the treatment fast, but it’s also painless. You don’t need any anesthesia during the treatment, and you won’t experience any discomfort. It’s so comfortable that you might even fall asleep during the treatment. Your eyes are covered while undergoing LipiFlow, so you can relax for a bit while your eye doctor treats your condition. 



Long-Lasting Results

If you currently rely on eyedrops to treat your symptoms of dry eye, you are likely frustrated. Eyedrops might only work for a few hours, and then you need to apply them again. LipiFlow provides long-lasting results, so you can forget about your condition for months or years at a time. Most people only require LipiFlow treatments every eight months to two years. 



Prepares Patients for LASIK

If you’re thinking of getting LASIK, you need to treat your dry eyes first. The condition can get worse after the LASIK procedure, so many people undergo LipiFlow treatments before getting LASIK. After your dry eyes are better, you will be ready to get LASIK. 

Are you tired of dealing with dry eye symptoms and want fast long-lasting relief? East Main Vision Clinic offers LipiFlow treatments. Contact us today to find out more about this dry eye treatment or to schedule a consultation.

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