Faq Eye Exams

Faq Eye Exams

Faq Eye Exams

Faq Eye Exams

Faq Eye Exams

How often should I have an eye exam?

Dr. Day will determine whether yearly or bi-yearly eye examinations are appropriate based on your findings. Having 20/20 or better visual acuity, is not an indication that other eye health issues do not exist. Unlike the rest of the human body, the eyes rarely hurt when something is wrong. Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy are all very serious eye conditions that generally have no symptoms, and if not treated in early stages, can cause irreversible vision loss. The best way to avoid vision loss is to return for your eye examinations as directed by Dr. Day.

Why do I have to provide medical information at my eye exam?

In order to fully assess your eye health and visual needs, we will need to gather some important medical and health information. In additional to completing your Health History, Dr. Day’s technicians will perform assessments to prepare you for your eye exam. These assessments include:

  • Medical / Health History

  • Measurement of visual acuity

  • Digital Retinal Scan (if applicable)

  • Intraocular pressure

  • Blood pressure

Why should I choose do have a Digital Eye Scan image taken?

At this time a digital retinal scan costs $39.00 per patient. When considering that 90% of the time, electing for EyeScape will do away with the need to fully dilate your eyes, it is well worth the extra cost! This means you leave our office without the sensitivity and slightly blurred vision full strength dilation drops can cause.

Can my children see Dr. Day for their eye exams?

Yes! Dr. Day has fun, child-friendly eye tests, as well as a wonderful selection of children’s frames. Please call East Main Vision Clinic to schedule your child’s eye examination today!

When should my child have his/her first eye exam?

Dr. Day along with the American Optometric Association, recommends getting a child’s’ first eye examination as early as 6 months old (earlier if a problem is suspected) and no later than when the child starts Kindergarten.