Signs You Need New Glasses

Signs You Need New Glasses

Signs You Need New Glasses

Signs You Need New Glasses

Signs You Need New Glasses

February 18, 2022

If you have had your current glasses for several years, it may be time to update. Have you been experiencing eye fatigue or frequent headaches? You might think that you can see using your current glasses, but your vision may have changed. 

If you need to squint to read some print, you may need a new prescription. Wearing outdated prescriptions can harm your eyes. Some signs we list below may indicate you need new glasses. 

Frequent Headaches


If you experience frequent or recurring headaches, they could have a connection to your sight. Headaches are usually the first sign of a vision change. You may not have noticed a change in your vision, but your brain recognizes the change. 

The brain works hard to correct the problem. This effort can take up too much energy, resulting in headaches. Myopic people will usually experience headaches at the front of the head or above the eyebrow.

Constant Squinting


If you find yourself constantly squinting, you may have a problem with your vision. Squinting is a natural response to trying to improve clarity and focus. You may not notice that you are squinting until your head or eyes begin to hurt. 

Squinting can be harmful to the eyes in the long run. Straining the eyes when reading or using the computer worsens vision over time. If you are constantly squinting, it is a good sign that you need new glasses.

Experiencing Eye Fatigue


If your eyes feel strained, tired, or you are blinking a lot, it is a good sign that you need a new glasses prescription. Eyestrain or eye fatigue can occur due to various factors, ranging from allergies to sleep. If these are the factors causing fatigue, it will last for a day or two. But if the fatigue continues, you need an eye checkup. Constant eye fatigue is a sign that you need new glasses to eliminate the strain. 

Blurred Vision 


If you have occasional or sudden blurred vision or loss of focus, you have a problem. The blurring may occur in one or both eyes due to a severe change in vision. Blurring may also be due to other eye conditions. 

You should get an eye exam to determine the cause of the blurring. Eye exams can help determine if you have any other eye issues like cataracts. If you do not have another eye condition, the blurring is an indication that you need new glasses. 

Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD)


BVD is an eye condition caused by slightly misaligned eyes. As a result, the eyes have difficulty transmitting even a single clear image to the brain. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, motion sickness, and light sensitivity. If you experience the symptoms, talk to your eye doctor about getting Neurolens © glasses (glasses with micro prisms).


Prescriptions usually change over time. You should get an annual eye checkup to determine if you need a new prescription. Other reasons and the fun part of new glasses is getting styled with a fresh frame and reducing the risk of old damaged frames falling apart or breaking before you update.  


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