Should I Consider Daily Contacts for the Summer?

Should I Consider Daily Contacts for the Summer?

Should I Consider Daily Contacts for the Summer?

Should I Consider Daily Contacts for the Summer?

Should I Consider Daily Contacts for the Summer?

July 18, 2022

During the summer months, most people tend to spend more time outdoors, plan more travel, take family vacations and be on-the-go for much longer than cold, dark fall and winter days. Sometimes, that can be hard for people who wear contact lenses, increased wind, sun exposure, and sand are the usual culprits if your eyes look tired, irritated, and red by the end of the day. 

Freshly cut grass and blossoming flowers can also contribute allergic or irritating symptoms. Essentially, wearing contact lenses should not prevent you from enjoying those long summer days. In fact, they can be your best friend, you may just need a different modality to increase comfort and help you enjoy summer to the max!

We are the first to advise having glasses, but it’s understandable that during the action-packed summer fun, you may not want to wear glasses, even further you may not be comfortable in your monthly contacts. That’s where we can help! Let’s look a little further on the difference between the two types of contact lenses. 

Daily vs. Monthly Contact Lenses


Daily Contact Lenses


Also known as daily disposables, these are lenses that you throw away after use at the end of the day. In the morning, you open a fresh pair to wear for the rest of the day. Hence, you will not need to store or clean them for next time. The benefit = no solutions or cases needed, just change them each day to a fresh set. Daily disposable lenses are generally much thinner than a monthly design which allows for less interruption to the tear film when blinking and better comfort. They also have a higher water-soluble content allowing more oxygen to the cornea. Many people feel daily disposable contacts are “expensive” but if you break it down by day, they are generally around $1-2 a day for a set, which is a much cheaper cost if you compare it to a daily soda or coffee. Many manufacturers also offer rebates along side an annual supply purchase, taking the cost down even further.

Monthly Contact Lenses


Monthly contacts are more durable and thicker than daily disposables, if you are prone to tearing or ripping of lenses, these tend to hold up better. Handling is easier because of the thickness. Many people wear a monthly contact and are happy with fit and comfort, in fact, monthly lenses have been around much longer than daily disposables. You must clean and disinfect them daily to prevent protein buildup and infections.

Weigh Your Options


You can wear contact lenses safely throughout the year and you have choices of daily disposables or monthly. Every season has different activities and environmental conditions, take them into consideration alongside your lifestyle to see what’s best for you. Some individuals choose to have dual prescriptions so they can use daily disposables during certain times of the year and then return to their regular monthly lens, others prefer to wear a daily design all year round. It truly comes down to each individuals’ preference. Don’t forget that alongside contact wear is the fun of all different sunglasses that can easily be worn over top and no prescription is needed. Whatever vision correction you choose, make the choice for quality and comfort, and remember you don’t have to be limited; we can help with all your prescription needs. Call us at East Main Vision Clinic 253-780-0700 to schedule a consultation, contact fitting, or styled glasses fit.

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