How to Clean and Sanitize Glasses Safely at Home

How to Clean and Sanitize Glasses Safely at Home

How to Clean and Sanitize Glasses Safely at Home

How to Clean and Sanitize Glasses Safely at Home

How to Clean and Sanitize Glasses Safely at Home

May 05, 2020

Caring for your glasses every day involves cleaning the lenses properly in order to prevent damage and maintain their optimal condition. A common product that many people clean their eyeglasses with is alcohol. Often times when you get prescription eyeglasses, the lenses may have special coatings. Using alcohol to clean your glasses can remove or destroy these coatings, or acetates. Here are some safer ways to clean and sanitize your glasses at home.

Observe Proper Hand-Washing

It is best to start the cleaning process by washing your hands thoroughly. This way, you make sure that your hands do not have any substances that could cling to your eyeglasses. Use dishwashing liquid or a lotion-free hand-washing soap and clean water. When you dry your hands, use a clean, lint-free towel.

Use Lukewarm Water

Once your hands are clean, take your eyeglasses and run the lenses under some lukewarm water. Doing so will rid your glasses of any debris that may be present that can leave scratches on your lenses. Be sure not to use hot water as it can ruin the prescription coatings.

Choose Lotion-Free Dishwashing Soap

Next, place a drop of lotion-free dishwashing soap on each lens using your finger to apply the soap onto your lenses.


Rub Gently

Then, with your fingers, rub the front and back sides of your lenses as well as on every part of your frame, including the temples, the ends of the temples, the edges, and the nose pads. Debris, sweat, oils, makeup, and dust usually collect in these areas.

Rinse Thoroughly

Use lukewarm water to rinse your eyeglasses. Make sure you get rid of the soap completely because these may leave marks on your lenses when they dry up.

Shake Carefully

Take your wet eyeglasses and shake them carefully. This removes excess water from the frame and the lenses. Then examine the cleanliness of your lenses.


Get Your Lint-Free Towel

For drying your eyeglasses, choose a towel that has not been washed with a dryer sheet or a fabric conditioner since these items can leave marks on your lenses. Choose a clean, cotton towel you regularly use to clean your crystal glassware and see to it that it doesn’t have debris or dirt that can scratch your lenses. Even traces of lotion and oil in the towel can leave marks on your lenses.


Examine Again

After drying your eyeglasses, see if there are smudges or streaks left. If there are, you can gently wipe with a clean piece of microfiber cloth that you can purchase at photography stores or optical shops. You can also clean your lenses with packaged, single-use moistened lens cleaning wipes that are specially made to clean lenses safely.


It’s always important to take good care of your eyeglasses as they are indispensable in helping you accomplish your daily activities. We at East Main Vision Clinic are always ready to give you proper instructions regarding proper lens care. You can give us a call at 253-780-0700 for more information about lens care or if you want to schedule an appointment.

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