Eye Safety and Why It’s Important

Eye Safety and Why It’s Important

Eye Safety and Why It’s Important

Eye Safety and Why It’s Important

Eye Safety and Why It’s Important

November 9, 2021

Eyes are an integral part of almost everything we do. Since you have only one pair of eyes, they deserve all the protection and care you can give them. You need to know the steps you can take to protect your eyes, which are extremely important to your well-being and happiness. 


Eye Injuries

Unfortunately, eye-related injuries are a common occurrence at work, home, and other spaces. You can suffer a frightening eye injury while engaging in a wide range of activities. These unfortunate incidents got us thinking about teaching people the importance of wearing safety eyewear even for relatively simple jobs around the house. Hundreds of people require emergency treatment for some form of an eye injury sustained at work or while doing a simple DIY project.

Most are easily treated in office, but you don’t want to be the exception with a serious case. We recently have seen multiple bungee cord accidents when people are attempting to tie down a load. The bungee released unexpectedly and caught the eye, it turns painful and serious very quickly.


Eye Safety

Fortunately, there is a wide range of protective gear that you can use to protect your eyes no matter the type of activity you are engaging in. This applies even to those who spend long days in the office staring at a computer screen. 


Potential Eye Hazards

Whether you work in a restaurant, office, industrial factory or enjoy doing simple jobs at home, you still face several potential eye hazards. Some of the common eye hazards include:

  • Every day hazardous chemicals in the workplace and at home including bleach, cleaning sprays or fertilizers
  • Projectiles, including small pieces of concrete, metal, wood, glass, branches, or leaves


Importance of Eye Safety

Your eyes happen to be easy to injure or damage. This is one of the reasons eye safety is so important. Keeping eyes healthy is key to a happy life, so neglecting to protect them for convenience or aesthetic sake is a mistake.

When you fail to protect your eyes adequately, you risk much more than just the loss of your eyesight. Imagine suddenly being unable to see anything around you. This would change your whole life in the blink of an eye. 



How to Protect Your Eyes

Too many people needlessly risk the safety and health of their eyes. This is either because they simply do not care or because they are unaware of the potential dangers. Whatever the case, everyone should know that the best way to protect the eyes from injury is through the use of specialized eye protection.

Whether you have a DIY project going on at home or work in a place full of potential eye hazards, you can find the appropriate eye protection to suit your needs. According to studies, about 90 percent of those who report an eye injury, could have been avoided if they were using the right safety equipment. 

All types of eye protection aim to provide a certain level of protection, ranging from basic eye protection to full-face protection. Some of the common types include, regular safety glasses, safety goggles, UV sunglasses, and prescription safety glasses. Dr. Day and our team of opticians are always here to assist with finding the perfect fit and style for your eye safety needs!

Be proactive in your eye health, not reactive! 


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