Everything You Need to Know About Neurolens

Everything You Need to Know About Neurolens

Everything You Need to Know About Neurolens

Everything You Need to Know About Neurolens

Everything You Need to Know About Neurolens

March 14, 2022

Neurolens is an innovative treatment recommended for people who suffer from eye misalignment.

In an ideal world, our individual eyes will work in perfect synchronization. However, the reality is that many people suffer from misalignment. This is where the eyes aren’t aligned to look at the same thing. This may be obvious just by looking a someone, as their eyes will visibly point in different directions. However, in many other cases the misalignment is much more subtle. In fact, many people may experience the symptoms associated with visual misalignment without realizing that it is an issue with their eyes that is causing them. This is commonly known as binocular vision dysfunction (BVD).

What are the symptoms of eye misalignment?

There are a very wide range of different symptoms associated with eye misalignment. These include:

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches (dull or intense)

  • Neck strain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Light Sensitivity

  • Dry Eyes


How does Neurolens work?

Neurolens contain small amounts of microprism. Prism has proven to be effective in altering the way that light is refracted as is enters the eye, aligning each image from each eye in the same plane so that your brain can turn them into a clear, single image. Doing this not only reduces the amount of pressure experienced in the muscles around the eyes, but also helps to eliminate many of the other symptoms associated with eye misalignment and binocular vision dysfunction.


Exactly how much prism is needed in Neurolens will depend on your individual findings. At the initial stage, patients who chose Neurolens notice as much as a 50% improvement in their symptoms. After further adaptation time improved to 80%, making Neurolens one of the most effective treatments for eye misalignment and binocular vision dysfunction.  


How do I find out if I am a candidate for Neurolens?

Dr. Day has been prescribing prism glasses to patients for years, thankfully with this new technology and the availability of microprisms, many more patients are able to successfully find relief. All candidates start out with a screening test of questions at the routine eye exam, and then proceed to diagnostic device called a Neurolens Measurement Device or NMD. This takes just a few minutes and will help him determine how much prism to prescribe. The prescription lens is then made in your choice of frame to wear about your daily life. Because it is a highly specialized device, patients will require adaptation time to the new prescription.


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