Common Eye Injuries Around Christmas

Common Eye Injuries Around Christmas

Common Eye Injuries Around Christmas

Common Eye Injuries Around Christmas

Common Eye Injuries Around Christmas

December 05, 2019

Most of us are guilty of taking our sight for granted, and it isn’t until we experience a problem with our eyes that we realize just how much we need our vision to help us function day to day. There are many different things that can pose a potential threat to the health and function of our eyes, including trauma and injury.


Eye injuries can occur at any time, and that includes over the Christmas period. While some types of injuries are fairly minor and can be treated at home, many others can have serious consequences for your vision if they aren’t assessed and treated by a professional. Similarly, there are some types of eye injuries that are particularly common during the festive season. To help you be aware of the risks and take action to avoid them, here’s what you need to know about the most common eye injuries around Christmas.

Tree Trauma


Believe it or not, Christmas trees present one of the biggest hazards to our eyes over the holiday season. If you are planning on cutting down your own, you will need to make sure that you wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from wood chippings and other debris. You should also take care to mind your eyes when handling your tree. This includes loading it onto your truck or car and cutting off the netting when you get it home. Branches can spring out quickly, potentially poking anyone standing too close in the eye and putting them at risk of corneal abrasions and more.  

Decoration Dangers


Some of the decorations that we use to adorn our home also present a risk to our eyes. Many have sharp points and wires, while those that are glass or plastic could be dangerous if they become damaged. If you plan on using spray snow or anything similar, be careful to point the nozzle well away from everyone’s eyes and make sure that you don’t use it anywhere where an infant could touch it and potentially rub it into their eyes.

Careful with Corks!


Social events and celebrations are one of the best things about Christmas, and bottles of fizz are par for the course in many homes. Nevertheless, a percentage of eye-related accidents every Christmas are caused by corks popping into the face! Be careful when you take aim!

Tackle Toys with Care


Modern toys seem to be getting increasingly more complicated and full of little and potentially dangerous elements. Unfortunately, toys are the cause of the majority of eye-related injuries over Christmas. Sharp edges and small particles can damage the eyes or become embedded within them, and the general chaos of Christmas can mean that children aren’t necessarily as well supervised as they might be otherwise. Try and monitor your little one closely, particularly if they are given gifts that could be harmful to their eyes.

Frightful Fireworks


It may not be the most common time of the year for fireworks, but plenty of people still choose to set them off over the holiday period, particularly on New Year’s Eve. Unsurprisingly, special care and attention needs to be paid when handling fireworks and sparklers, with your eyes being at considerable risk. Follow the instructions provided with the fireworks exactly and use plenty of common sense when watching them.


Our team is fully prepared to handle any eye emergency that may arise over the Christmas period, but if you take the appropriate care, you should be able to enjoy a safe and happy holiday. From our family to yours – Merry Christmas!

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