Best Eye Exercises When Taking Digital Breaks

Best Eye Exercises When Taking Digital Breaks

Best Eye Exercises When Taking Digital Breaks

Best Eye Exercises When Taking Digital Breaks

Best Eye Exercises When Taking Digital Breaks

May 31, 2020

Working on a computer all day can put a lot of strain on your eyes. Failing to blink often enough, increased visual demands, and poor lighting can all contribute to eyestrain. Besides, many people are turning to smaller digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which worsens the problem. Therefore, it is important to perform the best eye exercises when taking digital breaks.

Today, many people are using computers for school and work, as well as for entertainment. This is leading to overworked and fatigued eyes. According to reports from the Vision Council, almost 60 percent of adults experience eyestrain from excessive computer use. And with both children and adults performing so much work on computers, this number is only expected to increase.

Obviously we are not suggesting you stop using your computer. There are some useful eye exercises that can help relieve most computer-related eyestrain. In addition to helping your eyes feel better, these exercises will allow you to complete your tasks faster and more accurately and may help limit your need for pain medication or eye drops to deal with your headaches. Some of the best eye exercises when taking digital breaks include:


One of the leading causes of computer-related eyestrain is the lack of proper blinking. When you fail to blink properly, your eyes can dry out, which can cause scratchiness. While working on your computer, blinking normally, might require some practice. To keep your eyes adequately lubricated, try to blink every four or five seconds. This sounds somewhat simple; however, it can be difficult to remember and achieve when focusing on your computer screen.


It is important to perform this eye exercise while seated in a comfortable position, with freshly washed hands. To begin, create some heat by rubbing your palms together, and then form both your hands into cup shapes. Next, press your cupped hands over your closed eyes. Simply place your right hand over your right eye and left hand over the left eye. Spend a few minutes in this position and allow the heat from your palms to warm your eyes. The results will surprise you.

Roll Your Eyes

No, rolling your eyes at your teenager is not going to help relieve your eye strain. However, therapeutic eye-rolling can do amazing things to your eye muscles, just like neck rolling can provide relief to your stiff neck. When you have been sitting for hours in front of your computer screen, take a short break, and do some eye-rolling. You simply need to close your eyelids and roll your eyes in circular motions. Basically, you will be giving your eyes a rejuvenating massage. This exercise will also help to reduce the strain on your eye muscles, in addition to lubricating your eyes.


20-20-20 Focusing

To perform this exercise, take a 20-second digital break and focus on something other than your computer screen. Look at something else for at least 20 seconds approximately every 20 minutes. If you are working, avoid focusing on the clock because it will make the day seem longer.

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