Back to School Eye Exams for Children

Back to School Eye Exams for Children

Back to School Eye Exams for Children

Back to School Eye Exams for Children

Back to School Eye Exams for Children

September 25, 2019

There are lots of things to think about when your child goes back to school for a new year. Uniform and equipment are often the biggest priorities for any parent, but experts agree that a comprehensive, back to school eye exam is just as important as any of the other supplies that you might buy your child. This is because your child’s vision is essential for him to have full and uncompromised access to his learning.


Studies have found that as much as 80% of what is taught in most schools is presented visually. This means that if your child’s sight is compromised in any way, he will not be able to learn as effectively and this could lead to him being unable to reach his full potential. Being unable to see clearly can also lead to social communication barriers, and this could impact on your child’s ability to form relationships with his peers and his overall happiness at school.


We are delighted to offer comprehensive back to school eye exams for your child and these are carried out at our Vision Clinic in Puyallup, WA.


What to expect from your child’s back to school eye exam

A back to school eye exam is just like any other pediatric eye exam and our team have the experience with young people that is needed to reassure them if they feel at all worried or nervous. The entire process is non-invasive meaning that you don’t have to worry about your child experience any discomfort.

Your child’s eye exam will include:


A visual acuity test

This is to determine how well your child can see at different distances. If your child can read, we will use a standard eye chart and he can read phonetically or the letters as they are. If your child is unable to read, we will use a different strategy for this test.


An eye movement test

This test is used to assess how well your child’s eyes are able to follow different movements, such as that of our finger or a pen. We will also check your child’s peripheral vision.

A Pupil Test

This looks at how well your child’s eyes respond to light and involves us shining a bright light in each eye for a few seconds so that we can be sure that they react normally.


If any further testing is required, this will be discussed with you at the appointment.


Benefits of back to school eye exams for your child

Did you know that as many as 1 in 4 children have an undetected vision problem and in many cases, the affected child is mistakenly believed to have a behavioral or learning disability. By identifying that there is a vision issue that is compromising your child’s ability to learn, you can get him the support he needs.


Some of the key benefits of back to school eye exams for your child include:

  • The ability to start the year with clear vision. This is important since vision changes can occur without your child even noticing.

  • Give your child greater confidence in every area of their school life, from learning and sport to their peer relationships.

  • Equip your child from success from the moment they go back to school.

  • Ensure that your child doesn’t suffer from issues such as eye strain and fatigue that could compromise both their learning and happiness.


If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child to have a back to school eye exam, please get in touch with our clinic in Puyallup, WA today.

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