Glasses Fogging Up? Get Fitted for Contact Lenses!

Glasses Fogging Up? Get Fitted for Contact Lenses!

Glasses Fogging Up? Get Fitted for Contact Lenses!

Glasses Fogging Up? Get Fitted for Contact Lenses!

Glasses Fogging Up? Get Fitted for Contact Lenses!

June 16, 2020

We’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about eyeglasses fogging up while wearing face masks. Since it seems these lovely new accessories are going to be a part of our wardrobe for the foreseeable future, we have come up with a solution…

Get fitted for contacts!

Okay, we realize this may not work for everyone, but contacts are a great option for many. The first step is to determine if you are a good candidate for contacts. We do this at a Comprehensive Eye Exam, or at Contact Lens Evaluation if you’ve recently had your eye exam.

The Evaluation

During your evaluation, we will ask you questions about your vision, as well as your health and lifestyle. Your answers will help determine the type of contact lens that best suits you. There are several contact lens options such as gas permeable, soft, or disposable lenses. If you have an eye condition, Dr. Day, or your Contact Lens Fitter, Corina will make recommendations on the right brand or type for your needs. We may prescribe distance-only lenses, multifocal lenses or monovision lenses, or a combination of both to fit your vision and comfort needs.

The Fitting

We will need to take proper measurements in order to ensure your contacts have the correct fit. If your contact lenses don’t fit well, you may experience blurry vision, discomfort, or even eye damage.

Before you get contacts, we need to know if you have dry eyes. If you have very dry eyes, an ocular surface evaluation is recommended prior to your contact lens fitting. This evaluation determines whether your eyes have enough tear film to keep your contacts hydrated throughout the day. If they do not, we will offer customized options to help increase your tear production.

The size of your pupil may contribute to the fit of your contact lenses. This information is vital if you need to wear GP or gas permeable contact lenses. Contact lenses also need to fit over your cornea comfortably. Because of this, we will also measure the front surface or the corneal curvature of your eye.

The Training and Prescription

Once we determine which lens is best for your eyes, you will need to return for a Contact Lens Training. Our Contact Lens Fitter will ensure you can safely insert and remove the lenses and that you are educated on all hygienic practices. You will also receive specific instructions for lens storage, application, removal, and length of wear.

The Follow-up

You may be asked to return for an additional appointment to finalize the prescription and ensure proper fit of your contacts. This will allow us to see if your eyes are adjusting well and if the contacts are fitting correctly.

A thorough contact lens fitting is important. Here at East Main Vision Clinic, we will guide you through the steps of your contact lens fitting from evaluation to follow-up appointments, and beyond. Please see us at our office in Puyallup, Washington. Call us at 253-780-0700 to schedule an appointment or if you have questions about our contact lens fitting process.

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