5 Reasons Why You May Have Itchy Eyes

5 Reasons Why You May Have Itchy Eyes

5 Reasons Why You May Have Itchy Eyes

5 Reasons Why You May Have Itchy Eyes

5 Reasons Why You May Have Itchy Eyes

May 26, 2022

Well, it’s here, the time of year we see a yellow cover over our cars, white puffy seeds floating by in the wind, and itchy eyes and noses! While spring brings the fresh flowers, rain, and other wonderful changes, if you suffer from allergies, you probably want to hide away right now.


Also known as ocular pruritis, itchy eyes are one of the most common eye problems associated with spring allergies. People with this condition might also experience itchy or swollen eyelids. Do your eyes often become red or itchy? Do they frequently feel irritated? If so, you may be looking to find out why, and how to get the relief you need.


Let’s review the top 5 reasons your eyes may be itchy:


Seasonal Allergies


As listed above, if you have seasonal allergies, you may experience itchy eyes, swollen lids, runny nose etc. and feel the need to stay inside while pollens are at their highest count. If you struggle with symptoms during this season, there are multiple options for allergy medications including antihistamine eye drops to be used for relief.


Perennial Allergies


Different from seasonal allergies, you could also have perennial allergies that last all year long. Some of the more common causes of perennial eye allergies include pet dander, dust, and mold. You may also be allergic to certain household products, such as the shampoo or the soap you use.


Dry Eyes


When your tears aren’t functioning properly it can lead to increased symptoms which can include itchy eyes. Tears are a combination of mucus, oil, and water, combined they lead to refreshed, moist eyes – symptom free! When the balance is off, and the eyes become dry you may have dry eye syndrome, the top symptom of dry eye is itchy eyes.


Other reasons why you may have dry eyes include:


  • Eyestrain or extended computer use

  • Medical condition

  • Drug side effects

  • Prolonged use of contact lenses

  • Blepharitis or MGD (lid diseases)


The good news is, the Dry Eye Center at East Main Vision, is perfectly set up to diagnose and treat the underlying condition of your dry and itchy eye symptoms.


Airborne Irritants


Some individuals are sensitive to certain perfumes, smoke, or even diesel exhaust. The simplest solution to preventing itchy eyes when this is you, is to avoid fragrances when possible. Switch out your laundry detergents and other household products to “sensitive skin” or “fragrance free” choices.  




Your eyes are also vulnerable to fungal, bacterial, and viral infections that can cause itchy eyes. One of the most common eye infections is conjunctivitis or pink eye. So, if you have been sick, had a cold, or have sudden redness and itchy eyes, contact the doctor for testing and treatment.


Itchy eyes are no fun, and we want you to find relief, the good news is; most allergy and itchy eyes are easily treated and well managed. Over the counter allergy relief eye drops may bring you the relief needed, but if not or you feel your problem is more serious, contact us at East Main Vision Clinic in Puyallup to speak to a triage technician or schedule an appointment.


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