5 Questions to Ask Your Optometrist Regarding MiSight®

5 Questions to Ask Your Optometrist Regarding MiSight®

5 Questions to Ask Your Optometrist Regarding MiSight®

5 Questions to Ask Your Optometrist Regarding MiSight®

5 Questions to Ask Your Optometrist Regarding MiSight®

June 27, 2022

MiSight® is a contact lens approved by the FDA for myopia treatment. Your eye doctor may recommend these contacts if your child is diagnosed with myopia. They are revolutionary and control the progression of the condition in children.


Nearsightedness causes difficulties in the life of a child. They may struggle in school, affecting their confidence as they grow up. Therefore, it is imperative to address the condition as early as possible while there is the option to slow its progression.


MiSight contacts are single-use daily disposable contact lenses. They are the first product approved by the FDA to slow myopia progression in children. You probably have many questions about it, especially if your child is to use it for the first time. Below are five questions you can ask your optometrist in Puyallup about MiSight to understand clearly.


Are There More Treatment Options?


There are various ways to address childhood myopia apart from MiSight. Orthokeratology or ortho-k lenses make for another effective option. It involves wearing the ortho-k contacts overnight and removing them when you wake up. It helps correct vision throughout the day without using prescription contacts or glasses. This method controls the myopia from a vision standpoint but does not correct the long-term effects myopia can have on the back of the eye, it strictly reshapes the cornea while worn consistently. Ortho-K is excellent for all ages though while MiSight is for children.


Some patients may opt for orthokeratology. They may be confident in their commitment to supervise their children as they wear the contacts. The advantage of MiSight is that it requires less responsibility and maintenance for your child. 


Does My Child Qualify to Use MiSight?


MiSight contact lenses are suitable for children who have myopia, but it will be up to the doctor and the parents to see if it would be an effective treatment plan for their child. The lenses are soft and comfortable, and they reduce the risk of infection due to their disposable nature.


MiSight also suits children who are very active in their day such as sports. They reduce the need to wear prescription eyeglasses.


How Does MiSight Work?


MiSight contact lenses correct the refractive error causing myopia. They help focus light in front of your child’s retina through concentric peripheral rings. The effect reduces the stimulus that causes the eye to grow and worsens myopia. It effectively preserves vision by slowing the progression of myopia.


Does MiSight Have Any Side Effects or Risks?


MiSight contact lenses have similar risks and side effects as all other contacts, including infection and abrasions, however, by following instructions on handling, cleaning, and wear time risks are minimal.


Are the Contact Lenses Appropriate to Wear at My Child’s Age? 


MiSight contacts are FDA approved for children ages 1-12 years old. Most contacts have no age requirement. However, your child needs to reach a maturity level where they can commit to the process, have the dexterity needed for insertion and removal and most children learn how to wear and remove the MiSight lenses independently after contact lens trainings and a short learning curve. Note: parental supervision is highly advised in the beginning and as needed through the process to ensure a successful wearing experience!


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