5 New Year Resolutions to Help With Healthy Eyes

5 New Year Resolutions to Help With Healthy Eyes

5 New Year Resolutions to Help With Healthy Eyes

5 New Year Resolutions to Help With Healthy Eyes

5 New Year Resolutions to Help With Healthy Eyes

January 18, 2022

The New Year is an ideal time to commit yourself to address all your optical needs. As you make your New Year’s resolutions, remember that optimal eye care plays an integral part in improving your overall health. So, whatever else you are looking forward to achieving in the New Year, here are five more additions to consider adding to your schedule!


1)     Invest in Your Vision

Your vision is of utmost importance to your daily life. It helps you go about completing everyday tasks. One way to do this is to schedule a comprehensive eye exam if you have not had one in over a year.

Take proactive and preventive measures even if you are not experiencing eye or vision problems. It can uncover eye conditions in the early stages of development. By examining your eyes, your doctor can spot signs of health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.


2)     Get Personalized A Frame Fitting

As you start your New Year, you should start with a new attitude, confidence, and boldness. What more to bring out these traits than well-fitting frames to go with your personality.

If your frames are too tight, they can cause headaches and pinching on the temples or above your ears.  Loose glasses are a nuisance and are more likely to break. Resolve this New Year to get a personalized fitting to avoid such issues. We have opticians here daily to fit and style your every need! They are educated and trained to take the doctors written prescription and turn it into a personalized frame fit for all your needs.


3)     Wear Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are not just good for your looks, but they also help protect your eyes. Some of the benefits of prescription sunglasses include:

  • Perfect vision under the sun, no more blurry oceans while sitting in the sand
  • 100 percent protection from UV rays = decreased risk of retinal degeneration
  • Banishing glare using polarized prescription lenses

All in all, prescription sunglasses give you the best of all worlds: They correct your vision, protect your eyes from UV rays, and look stylish. If you have not been wearing prescription sunglasses, list them in your resolutions for the New Year.


4)     Protect My Vision With Blue Blocker

Also known as blue light glasses, blue blockers block high-energy visible (HEV) lights. This is the blue light normally emitted by electronic gadgets. These include laptops, TVs, and smartphones, to name just a few.

If you do any regular work (or play) on a device, blue blocker is an essential protective accessory for your eyes. They block a percentage of blue light with a special coating, reflecting it away from your eyes. Another Blue Blocker benefit is decreased eye strain with extended electronic usage. Ask an optician today to add it to your next pair of glasses.


5)     Have a Backup Pair of Glasses

Accidents are a norm, and you are no exception. To ensure your vision is not compromised at any time, resolve to get a backup pair of glasses.
Although you are going into a New Year, the future is quite unpredictable, don’t risk days of blurry vision just because you don’t have a second pair of glasses on hand!  


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