2022 Eyewear Trends

2022 Eyewear Trends

2022 Eyewear Trends

2022 Eyewear Trends

2022 Eyewear Trends

January 21, 2022

2022 Eyewear Trends



Eyeglasses are a quite popular accessory for any fashion-forward individual. You can wear them as prescription glasses, to block blue light, or simply as a fashion statement. Whatever your reason, a new pair of trendy, head-turning frames can give a fresh look as you continue into the New Year.


The Vision Council estimates that there are more than 160 million American adults who wear prescription eyeglasses, that the number is sure to rise in 2022, making eyewear a key accessory. This rise may have come about due to increased computer screen time. This is especially true for people working from home during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Here is our list of trendy eyewear styles for 2022:


Retro-inspired Eyewear



Up to now, the 20s have been the decade inspired by reminiscence and nostalgia. Trends like grandma chic and others have been gaining popularity. As a result, eyewear designers are looking more into the return of classic retro trends. In 2022, they will be taking on eyewear concepts like wire rims and cat eyes.


Fashion Statement Eyewear



Trying to look good on video calls or posing for selfies can be tiresome. Fashion-savvy experts recommend having a pair of fashion statement frames that complement your face. Statement frames are eye-catching and help you project confidence while correcting your vision. 

These frames are colorful, bold, and a big trend. When looking for statement frames, go for exciting shapes, materials, and colors. Yet, try not to distract from your face even with a bold look. 


Bonus, our opticians are here for that exact purpose! They can help you decide proper fit and face enhancement with your frame choice. 



Eco-friendly Eyewear



Recently, more people than ever are answering the call to care about the environment. Eyewear designers have been attentive and are finding innovative solutions. Designers are now limiting their carbon footprint as they create stylish new eyewear. 


For instance, eco-conscious designers are using plastics from used bottles to create trendy eyeglass frames. By doing so, they not only helping reduce pollution but also create fashionable eyeglass frames. The frames are lightweight, durable, and stylish too. It is a trend that will befit environmentally friendly clients in the New Year.


Minimalist Frames Eyewear



The concept of minimalist frames is the opposite of statement frames. Minimalist frames aim to blend in. They became popular in the late 2010s and are still gaining popularity in 2022. They are available in different styles too. These include metal accents, tinted colors, and half-transparent rims. If you are sensitive to frames on your face or prone to headaches, a minimalist frame may be just what you need.


Blue Light Eyewear



Some eyewear focuses on style and others on functionality, blue light protection offers functionality! In your everyday life, you come across blue light from sources such as phones, laptops, and the sun. Overexposure to blue light leads to computer vision syndrome or digital eyestrain. Its symptoms include dry eyes, soreness, headaches, blurred vision, and more. As more people increase their digital screen time, blue light glasses have become trendy. It is prudent to protect your eyes no matter what frames you choose. 


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