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How did a small, independent practice go from good to great?

There are many challenges facing Optometry today.

We'll share our best practices so you can implement successful strategies to elevate your business.

We increased our revenue per patient by 64% and saw 26% fewer patients. Let us show you how.

About Dr. Day of
​​​​​​​East Main Vision Clinic

Dr. Joseph Day, O.D., has been practicing as an eye doctor in the Puyallup Valley of Washington State, about 10 miles southeast of Tacoma and 35 miles south of Seattle, for over 30 years. He opened his practice, East Main Vision Clinic, in 2007. During this time, he has cultivated a special brand of customer service-oriented eyecare that has become his signature. With his uncle, Dr. Brand, who was the Optometrist who served as his inspiration, he has followed in his footsteps vowing to treat all of his patients with the same caring spirit. His personal mantra is “I’m here to serve the person in front of me, and to the left and the right.” Customer service is at the cornerstone of everything he and his practice does. Aside from providing patients with the best eyewear and contacts for their individual needs, Dr. Day’s concentration is on evaluating eye health and educating his patients. At East Main Vision Clinic, Dr. Day and his team diagnose eye disease and other eye health complications in over 60% of their patients with the majority of those patients being unaware that they have an underlying problem until being provided with a comprehensive consultation and eye exam.

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